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Product Photography Pricing

Basic image editing and background removal is included with product photography pricing. Pricing is based on product size measuring 24 inches square, or less. Product photography is used for e-commerce and websites sales. Product photos feature product details and features, supplemental to written copy and product descriptions. Product photos act as brand ambassadors by telegraphing your brand and style in a simple, efficient and effective way.

1-5 images, $25 per image

6-20 images, $18 per image

21-45 images, $16 per image

46-85 images, $14 per image

86-125 images, $12 per image

125+ images, $10 per image


Lifestyle Photography Pricing

Prices may vary based on photo-shoot location, composition and dedicated hours for image completion. Advanced image editing is included with lifestyle photography pricing. Lifestyle images are used for everything from social media platforms to publication. This style of imagery helps to drive sales of your product or service. Lifestyles images are created to fashion an aesthetic, that allows the consumer insight about how your product will help them to live a desired lifestyle.

Lifestyle images start at $120 per image.

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