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Meet the Photographer

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dan Neuser and I am a commercial photographer. Art has always been very a big part of my life. As a child, Salvador Dali was a huge inspiration to me. His work was what got me interested in the the creative institution. When I was young, I was never really into sports or school functions, and I wasn't vary good at many things, but I did excel at all things creative. Early on it had become my dream to earn my place as a creative professional; a real artist. 


During my undergrad years, I took just about every art class that was available, in every discipline that was offered. However, photography seemed to be the one discipline that really resonated with me. I quickly became infatuated with  artists like Diane Arbus, Walker Evans and Man Ray. After earning my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design and Media Arts, I went on to attended The Academy of Art University where I earned my Master of Arts Degree in Photography.


Throughout my career I did many different types of work for a wide variety of clients, in various industries. However, lifestyle photography really seemed to be my niche. It was the one area in which I really excelled beyond the reach of peers. It provided me with the creative environment in which I could truly thrive. Photoshop is my chosen instrument and I conduct my symphony masterfully and with extreme precision.


Today, I currently do some video production, graphic design work, image editing, product photography, and I photograph the occasional model. But I specialize specifically in lifestyle photography. It is my religion, my native language, and I speak it fluently. 

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